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We create design assets and tools. Our projects include icons, illustrations, music library, photo stock, and design software to work with them.

Our Audience

UI and UX designersFront-end developersMarketing specialists
Graphic designers
Web and mobile developers
Content creators and bloggers
IT business people

Top 10 countries

  • undefined1USA
  • undefined6France
  • undefined2India
  • undefined7UK
  • undefined3Brazil
  • undefined8China
  • undefined4Russia
  • undefined9Indonesia
  • undefined5Germany
  • undefined10Japan

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Advertising options

Display advertising

PlacementSlotsAverage Monthly PageviewsPrice per month*
PlacementIcon websites **Slots728x90, top
200x250, corner popup
Average Monthly Pageviews12.5MPrice per month*$12,000
PlacementBlog articlesSlots728x90, top
200x250, corner popup
Average Monthly Pageviews130KPrice per month*$500

CPM Rates

PlacementSlotsAverage Monthly PageviewsPrice per 1,000 impressions
PlacementIcon websites **Slots728x90, topAverage Monthly Pageviews12MPrice per 1,000 impressions$6.00

*for custom options, please contact us
** icons8.com and its language versions

Free cute color icons
Conversion rate optimipation


Dedicated email950K subscribers$7,000
Native digest inclusion$1,500

Sponsored blog publications

From $500
1,200 — 2,000-word quality blog post reviewed by Icons8 editors (up to 3 dofollow links). Or the inclusion of relevant information blocks into the existing blog content.

The blog receives 135K monthly page views on average.
The package also includes posts on Facebook (30K) and Twitter (11K).

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To advertise, contact us at ads@icons8.com