How to use our graphics for free

Here's the deal. We share our assets with you, you set a link to wherever you use them. You get top-notch graphics for free, we get some exposure. A win-win! Below you find example with the most frequent use cases.
Websites and apps
Icons8 in website footer
Add a link to on all pages using our content. If that's most pages, a link in your footer is fine.
Icons8 in desktop app
Desktop apps
Add a link to to the About section.
Icons8 in mobile app
Mobile apps
Add a link to in the About section or Settings. Also, please credit us in your App Store or Google Play description.
Social media
Icons8 in Twitter post
Tag @icons_8 in tweets with our graphics. Chances are that we might retweet them.
Icons8 in Facebook post
Tag @icons8 in posts with our graphics.
Icons8 in Instagram post
Mentions of @icons8, tagging #icons8, using sticker links to, or their combinations are all fine.
Digital products
Icons8 in presentation
Mention on the slides with our content or on the final slide.
Icons8 in ebook
Mention or add a link to in the copyright section of the book or on the pages with our graphics.
Icons8 in game Credits
Indie games
Mention us in the Credits section. And we would love to have a copy of the game!
Icons8 in menu
Mention Icons8 anywhere in the document.
Icons8 on coffee cup
Physical goods
Put a link either on your website if you have one, description of the item, or on the physical product itself, if possible. The reference must be legible.
Icons8 in research
Academic and scientific research
Mention in references or captions.
Not your case? Read more here
Established open-source projects can get our graphics for free. For you, we'll open-source the needed resources.
Icons8 for open source
We also offer free Educational licenses to universities and other academic institutions. Chat with our support team to learn more.
Icons8 for education
Don't want to set links?
Buy a license
Additionally, you'll have access to all formats, sizes, features, and free unlimited Coke.
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zany emoji A true story
One girl didn't add a link, and for two years, she had no decent dates. Another guy, who did add a link, got a #1 ranking on Google!
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